Enterprise Software Development

What we do

Custom Application Development and Services

​We use up-to-date technology that makes sense.

Global competition continues to drive large companies to aggressively focus on productivity, leveraging IT-based innovation to get their work done with less overhead cost. We map the right people at the right time for the amount of time the company needs. Our agile teams work closely with our clients to deliver timely value to help them maintain competitive edge in the marketplace.

“Everything starts from an idea. Light-In-Bottle team put their brains together to come up with a plan to answer your most critical questions.

Communication with our clients is key to in order to turn an idea into an actual concept and turn it into a product. Our expert strategists will challenge assumptions and work to create a successful outcome for your business.

Once the concept has been fully understood and all the questions have been answered, our Light-In-Bottle team shows what direction the business will take in order to accomplish our client’s goals and target. Taking this first step helps us all save hours of work in the long run”.

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Benefits of Custom Developed Software


People Centered Approach

We understand that the latest technology is worthless if it doesn’t help you reach your goals. Our agile team works closely with you – communicating progress regularly in our constant pursuit of improving your business productivity and driving the ideal customers your way.


Agile Production

Monthly agile process with a hand-crafted and dedicated production team. Following our Agile Process, this approach offers direct collaboration with you to ideate and estimate tasks, prioritize requirements, maintain ongoing project roadmaps, features, and sprint release schedules.


Data-Driven Decisions

Our services are based on ongoing testing and research of performance. Because it’s designed to be more adaptive to change, this model lets businesses adjust their application based on data-driven research. You can’t go wrong with us. 

Test, Development Test & Launch

Developing right does not only depend on the coding, but in perfection in its architecture. Everything needs to be tested before it goes out to the public, not only in its interaction but also its looks and user experience.

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